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Be the Friend You would Like to Have

I would like to be loved!

Do you ever feel lonely in a crowded room full of other people? When it happens, do you feel like everyone knows each other, and you're the outsider? Do you often feel alone in a group?

If so, welcome to the club! You are far from being unique in this situation. It happens to everyone at some point in their life. Everyone, sooner or later, has felt rejected. When it happens, some shrug it off and pay little attention, while others feel devalued and wonder why nobody likes them.

However, we can learn to connect with others, to create friendships. Believe it or not, it's even possible to become popular. To help you achieve that, I am writing this book.

Throughout it, I will provide you with a series of short chapters that will help you refine your social skills and become a quality friend. I will even guide you on how to make a friendship last over time. Because friendships are important. 

You know, friendship is like a flower that grows and becomes more beautiful over time. Friends are like petals that add color to our lives. Let me help you tend to your social garden.

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