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Do not Motivate Them. Ignite Them!

Give your troops the motivator they truly need: YOU! 

So, the morale of your troops leaves much to be desired. People are more or less concerned about the quality of service; they are not giving their 100%, and several have already started looking elsewhere. Typically, in these moments, you might consider hiring someone who will motivate them and breathe new life into the team. Perhaps that's what led you to this book.

But you know that the results of such interventions don't necessarily last long. So what to do?

Do you know what your employees really need? YOU! They need you to inspire them to become who they truly are. They all need the best motivator: YOU! You are the one with them every day. It's YOU they look to for guidance on how to envision the future. You might see yourself as a manager, but deep down, what you truly are is the only motivator they need. 

Come discover how you can become the motivator that will lead them to contribute, give their 100%, and mentally align with the future of your organization. 

Motivators are not magicians. They have simply developed effective methods for rallying the troops. These methods are now within your reach.

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