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Fairies, Talents and Enchantments

You are a fairy and you don’t know it....

Do you remember those fairies who attended the baptism of Sleeping Beauty? The first offered him virtue, the second beauty, and the third wealth. One of them unfortunately came to disturb the party, but that’s not our purpose today.

Did you know that at your birth fairies also touched you and that the gifts they gave you could help you improve your life and perhaps even change the world? This book presents them all to you. You will be called to discover the gifts that hide in you and you will learn to invoke the power of each of these fairies.

Based on the theories of positive psychology, this book lists the most universally valued talents. Whether you are a teenager, an adult woman, or even a man, come and discover who you really are.

Maybe you’ve already been told that you’re not worth much? Make no mistake. All the strength of the world beats in you. You have special gifts, and you can improve the world. The problem is that you may not be aware of it yet. You are looking at your faults. You remember your mistakes when it would be so much better if you let your talents express themselves....

In your own way, you are a fairy, and you can have a certain influence on everything around you. To achieve this, discover and assume your talents. This guide will allow you to reveal them to the whole world.

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