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Live the Life that will Satisfy You

Live the life that will satisfy you

Do you know what will make you have a good life so you can be successful and claim success?

It must be admitted: The definition of success has changed over the decades, and today it is increasingly fragmented. What will make one person succeed will not be the same for another. Woe to the one who follows the advice of other people to chart his path.

In this book, Alain will present you with a multipoint approach that will allow you to create the life that will satisfy you. Throughout the chapters, you will be called upon to discover:

  • What success is
  • What creates satisfaction with life
  • What are the obstacles to success
  • How to find your way
  • What talents you need to develop to live the life you deserve
  • How to better communicate in order to get the support of the people around you
  • How to increase your influence to help you move forward

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