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Make Your Own LUCK!

For many, the population is divided into two groups: lucky and unlucky people. The former obtain satisfying jobs, happy relationships, and appear never to be bored. The latter group seems to have little other than plenty of reasons to complain!

Not so fast! Of course some people have an enviable circumstance but their luck has nothing to do with fate; they have simply developed behaviors that enable them to seize the opportunities that they are presented with.

Based on scientific studies and personal experience, Alain Samson helps you to acquire the six habits of people that make their own luck.

  • Choose to go farther in life
  • Harness your present opportunities
  • Anticipate the future optimistically
  • Nourish your current network of contacts
  • Contextualize the foreseeable obstacles
  • Execute actions without procrastinating

Would you like things to change in your favor? It is up to you to make your luck...and start your understanding today!

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