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Mobilize your Tribe

Are you a leader? If so, you must manage a group of people. But do these people form a winning team where individualism and an attitude of I don't care reign, or do they make up a tightly woven tribe whose members enjoy working together and where everyone cares about others?

To reach the highest heights, any organization or company must rely on a strong tribe and not just a team. What is a tribe made of? On what scale is yours? How can it develop healthy and serenely?

These are all the questions answered by this book, which takes a leap into the past to observe how the tribes have certainly managed to survive, but also to stand out, defeat the enemy and travel together towards a common goal.

Do you want to become a tribal leader or remain a simple boss? Having functional teams is good. This makes it possible to add up everyone’s talents in order to aim for success. However, it often happens that these teams, intoxicated by the first successes, come to fear failures and settle for the performance standard. Instead of aiming for excellence, they come to settle for just pretty good results. This is not what you want in your organization. After all, you have a world to improve and you will not settle for half measures.

In this book with anthropological accents, Alain Samson allows you to define the status of your tribe in its development (there are five levels) and offers you tools that will allow you to get comfortable phobics out of their torpor and reach heights you do not yet want to dream of.

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