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Rejuvenate as you get older

Is it true that, for you, the words old age rhymes with weakening, reduced abilities, decreased vision, and social isolation? That when your time has arrived, you will no longer be useful and all you will have to do is rock yourself quietly while waiting for dementia to encompass you?

The problem with this kind of vision is that we risk provoking them. However, science proves to us on a daily basis that you can take advantage of these years to live to the maximum of what you have prevented yourself from enjoying since the beginning of your life.

No more defeats! The house is paid. The children are grown up. This job you loved so much no longer even exists. You have spent your life telling yourself that you should suffer your existence instead of enjoying it. It’s time to put the cards back on and start on a new basis.

The choice is yours: You can decide to make these years the best period of your life or let yourself sink into decay. You have the opportunity to feel younger than ever before. Listen to this book and discover it.

So, what will it be? A new career? New adventures. There are some who are already old at 30 years old and who remain so for a very long time. How about rejuvenating for the time you have left?

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