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Take Control of Your Djinn

Life can strike anytime.

You don't have to wait until you're an adult to become more resilient. A bad grade, a vanishing friendship, parents' divorce, a heartbreak... it can happen anytime. Some bounce back while others crumble. I want you to be among the winners.

Welcome to Take Control of Your Djinn, that mischievous little voice in your head trying to keep you under its control and diminishing your ability to face challenges in your life. Follow me and discover...

- the real way to boost your self-esteem;
- what your genie does to control you;
- how to become more responsible;
- discover how you interpret what happens;
- your genie's favorite scenarios;
- how to use your judgment;
- how to become more optimistic;
- how to be less fearful.

From minor setbacks to heavy trials: no one is exempt. But everyone can hold on... and triumph.

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