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The Archimedes Effect

Could it be that your employees are currently an underutilized resource and offer you only a fraction of the performance they could offer you? How about a leverage effect that would allow you to double their level of commitment?

In this book, I present to you the latest discoveries in staff mobilization and leadership. Find out why your previous efforts have not paid off. Find out why your mobilization attempts were like a sword blows in the water.

The Archimedes Effect is the tool of choice for leaders who want to seek the best of the people entrusted to them. It consists of the following elements:

A - Attitude

R - Recognition

C - Clarity

H - Humanity

I - Independence

M - Mentoring and Mastery

E - Entrepreneurship

D - Mutually formulated challenges

E - Elevation

This book is dedicated to the presentation of each of these elements. If you invest the necessary efforts to implement them, you will soon notice that the octane number of the majority of your troops is on the rise. You will realize that you now rely on a workforce that is thirsty for success, and you will feel that, no matter what may happen, you will be able to count on everyone’s resources.

In short, you will feel at the controls of an elite team and you will be less afraid of the future because instead of having the feeling of dragging your team, you will feel sucked by it. It is likely that at this time you will regret not having bet on the Archimedes effect earlier.

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