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What if we Became a Winning Team?

"Success belongs to everyone. It is to teamwork that deserves the credit." (Franck Piccard)

It is not because we bring together a group of people and we tell them that they will now work together that it necessarily produces a real team. A group of people is a crowd. If they appreciate each other, they may even have fun rubbing shoulders. But from there to make it a winning team that will succeed in achieving its goals against all odds, there is a step you will learn to take in this book.

To achieve this, you will first be invited to take a test that will allow you to discover on which characteristics of the winning teams you need to make efforts to get closer to success. Then, chapter after chapter, we will take the time to fully understand the importance and implementation of each characteristic:

  • Openness to diversity
  • A good individual sense of responsibility
  • A known mission and an acceptance of everyone's constraints
  • Shared leadership
  • A nutritious working climate
  • Good cohesion
  • A positive openness to change

For a team to prove to be a winner and accumulate success after success, it is all these elements that must be found. There is no question, here, of being satisfied with the pass mark. You will be able to see, throughout your listening, what each deficiency can cost the best-intentioned teams.

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