Positive brains have the upper hand in todays's environement

Be positive or else stay home!

Relationships are the cornerstone of the happiness factor in the workplace. When we are happy, able to count on our colleagues, supported by our superior, going to work even in stressful conditions can be truly satisfying. But, if the atmosphere is unhealthy, that we victimized by toxic colleagues or superiors, daily life can become torturous and it is time to act! 

Everyone working in an organizational setting

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60 – 180 minutes

What you will discover during this conference

With this book you will learn how to create happiness in your workplace and what to do to develop it. More precisely, you will learn: 

What we will talk about:

  • - 10 ways to energize yourself at work; 
  • - 6 ways to make the life of your colleagues more pleasant; 
  • - how to build a network of positive relationships; 
  • - how to deal with energy vampires; 
  • - how the organization can create and maintain positive relationships. 
What you will get out of it

If you dread Monday mornings, if you can’t remember the last time you laughed with your colleagues or if you roll your eyes every time you see you boss walking down the hallway, your situation is urgent: you need a good dose of happiness at work. But be careful, it’s contagious!

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