Des réflexions sur votre situation actuelle pour mieux réagir à l'avenir


The emotions that make you bloom

A personal development book with a floral twist

Every day, plants face the same fate: to bloom or to wither. Their lives can be summed up as follows: if the elements are favorable to them, they have water in quantity and the sun allows them to swell with energy, they grow and prepare to bloom so that they can reproduce. If the elements are less favorable to them, they fade quietly, until they die. They therefore hope that tomorrow will be a good day.

But, as you well know, as for humans, the days follow each other and are not the same. Some fill us and others leave us languishing. Some are resplendent while others are dark and fresh. Plants have therefore developed strategies to cope with these grayer days. And the same is true for human beings. 

We hesitated before choosing the title of this book. It could just as well have been called Relearn to vibrate. Because we will be talking about the power to vibrate. You may have actually, over the years, chosen to wither instead of blooming. It’s time to reverse these habits that harm you to the highest degree. What matters is that you get back in tune with your life. You don’t have to play the extras or the stooge. You must resume the role intended for you: that of the hero who will make your life worth living. To do this, throughout these pages, you will have to be inspired by these wonders that are the plants around us.


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